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Saint Peter, Paddington

April 9, 2017

362 Oxford Street.

For a country famed for its seafood, it’s pretty hard to find really good seafood restaurants. So much care is taken here to represent fish the best it can be. I wish there were more places like this. Pics from a couple of meals. Go.


SaQuaNa, Honfleur

January 14, 2016

22 Place Hamelin, Honfleur

Best meal of 2015. Wonderful seafood in the gastronomic backwater of Honfleur. My wife took the kids to a butterfly farm, so I could come here. Worth the sacrifice. Had the full range of techniques – Yorkshire pudding (!), poached monkfish in coconut broth (sublime), steamed salmon, sea-bream risotto with green tomatoes, grilled pollack with ginger/soy emulsion. Textbook pigeon. Iced baklava. 

Big flavours, sensitive technique. Can’t remember having better seafood cooking. Well worth a detour.



The Company Shed, West Mersea

January 13, 2016

Father Son bonding. Local seafood. Local wine. BYO bread. Perfect. Except the bread. The U.K. doesn’t do baguette. It does bloomers. But you can’t turn up to restaurants with a bloomer, can you?