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Lil’ Frankies, New York

April 10, 2017

19 1st Avenue, New York

A big birthday. Time to do some decent restaurants. So New York beckoned. Home of decent martinis & great pizza. 

To keep it real we rented a place on 1st street. Not the quietest. At least we were local to this cracking place to ease our jet lag. Everything outstanding, especially gnocchi Di zucca. 


Naughty Nuris, Bali

April 28, 2015

Family Xmas hols in Bali. A true Aussie now and a visit to a themed restaurant.. but it does two things exceptionally well – Martinis & Ribs.

Properly strong martinis, with a top-up. Nice. They even come with a dance, which my son enjoyed.

Worth a trip.