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Le Bernadin, New York 

April 10, 2017

155 w 51st Street, New York

Lunch. Beautiful dining room. Buzzy crowd. There are worse places to be. My ordering was not the best, black bass/veal cheek main course was a little weak, but seafood truffle pasta was excellent. Great restaurants are not always just about the food. This is one of these places. The bottle of wine for one helped.


Restaurant Gordon Ramsay

January 11, 2016

68 Royal Hospital Road, London, SW3

Everyone should have at least one lunch with my sister. Eats out a lot, but with mild disdain for formality & foodies. RGR is a perfect choice…. Have eaten there a few times. It’s populated by tourists & people celebrating. So you get the menu explained to you like you’ve never been to a restaurant before. Steak tartare is apparently raw. 

Food is of course well executed, but nothing really that memorable. Was good for a laugh though. Sisters always are.