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Ormeggio (3), Mosman

January 16, 2016

Still very good. Just a few pics, not the whole meal.




Manila, Philippines

January 16, 2016

Filipino food does not mess around. Subtle it ain’t. Honourable mention to Sisig (2nd photo), all the secondary (& tertiary) cuts of pork served sizzling. Amazing to start, less so to finish.


Estelle by Scott Pickett, Melbourne

January 15, 2016

245 High Street, Northcote, VIC

Not in Melbourne. After a 30 minute taxi ride I discovered it was in Northcote. Last minute booking etc. Big open plan kitchen, lots of fawning customers. Running the gauntlet between style & substance. Green tomatoes are clearly ingredient du-jour. tuna, salmon, lamb, duck. Chocolate, Doughnut. Text book degustation. Worth the Uber.  


Pie in the Sky, Kurrajong

January 14, 2016

A well constructed meat pie.



January 14, 2016

Grazing. His ‘n’ hers half bottles. 


SaQuaNa, Honfleur

January 14, 2016

22 Place Hamelin, Honfleur

Best meal of 2015. Wonderful seafood in the gastronomic backwater of Honfleur. My wife took the kids to a butterfly farm, so I could come here. Worth the sacrifice. Had the full range of techniques – Yorkshire pudding (!), poached monkfish in coconut broth (sublime), steamed salmon, sea-bream risotto with green tomatoes, grilled pollack with ginger/soy emulsion. Textbook pigeon. Iced baklava. 

Big flavours, sensitive technique. Can’t remember having better seafood cooking. Well worth a detour.



Fish ‘n’ Chips, Winchester

January 13, 2016

People with chips are happier.



January 13, 2016

My Father’s Sunday lunch Margheritas. 30 minutes in the making. Everyone needs a specialisation. 


The Company Shed, West Mersea

January 13, 2016

Father Son bonding. Local seafood. Local wine. BYO bread. Perfect. Except the bread. The U.K. doesn’t do baguette. It does bloomers. But you can’t turn up to restaurants with a bloomer, can you?


Le Drakkar, Deauville

January 13, 2016

77 Rue Eugene Colas, Deauville

A family holiday favourite for thirty years. You’ll find better bistros, but not many with the ambience or better people watching. 

Steak Tartare & Ile Flottante. Bottle of Brouilly. Ice cream for the kids so we can stay a little longer. I hope my kids will return for many years to come.