Cape Lodge, Margaret River

3341 Caves Rd, Yallingup WA

Cape Lodge is the place my father most wanted to return to. We would have stayed here to, but Vanessa would not have approved of me enjoying myself here without her. So we had to settle for a dinner. 

As locations go, it can’t be beat. It creates an ambience that’s calm, civilised and indulgent. It’s one of these expansive dining rooms where waiters softly tread. I like it. We dined here in December, just before a change of chefs (so this is no predictor of future meals). The food was satisfying, focusing on quality local ingredients, with nods to the old-school (palate cleanser!) without an awful lot of creativity. A decent terrine, well paired fish with citrus fruit, venison with carrots. The dessert was worth a special mention – the highlight of the meal: an assiette of cherry & chocolate.

I would come back here. It’s the kind of place you can retreat from the world with few demands to put upon you and sink into your padded armchair. We all need a place like that sometimes.




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