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Bird Cow Fish, Sydney

March 11, 2012

500 Crown Street, Surry Hills (formerly)

Early Feb – The first and last time at a much loved Surry Hills local. It was date night, the first time to ourselves for a while. When we heard about Bird Cow Fish closing we changed our plans to give it a go. One of those places reportedly loved by chefs for its non-showy simple cooking, I’d been meaning to go for a while, but as night outs become less frequent it was easier to overlook for flasher (not necessarily better) options.

And so we found ourselves at an early seating on the final Saturday night in the most buzzing of restaurant with a joyful and happy atmosphere. It probably contributed to the two bottle of wine dinner (my parents would be proud). But we were egged on by some truly memorable food, that had me kicking myself for not coming here before. At least these pictures will remind me of 3 dishes (the pastas & chocolate tart) that were as good as I’ve had of their kind. To write any more descriptions around textures and the complimentary, contrasting flavours would be to resort to painful cliches (I’ve done enough of that elsewhere on this blog).

Potato gnocchi with prawn meat sautéed in burnt butter, verjuice, capers & crispy sage

Salt cod ravioli with green olives, lemon, almonds

Slow roast lamb with caponata

Beef Cheek Pie (easy on the sauce, large on the fibrous beef)

To finish:

Cherry mille feuille with mascarpone & pistachio praline

Chocolate Tart

We’ve all been to these kind of restaurants; that have honed good honest cooking. You may dabble with fusion or molecular gastronomy, but you always come back. I haven’t found many of these places in Sydney to be honest, so it’s a bit of shame that this was a one-off meal. Almost unrequited love territory. Damn you regulars who got to dine here for several years. Bird Cow Fish it could have been so good…..But we’ll always have that chocolate tart.