Breakfast at Jonahs

Whale Beach, Sydney

I’m quickly discovering that with a beautiful baby girl and the attention that is required, breakfast is the new dinner. You have the early morning feed and then it’s get out the house and see where you end up.

It’s a glorious opportunity to try Jonahs up in Whale Beach, a good 45 min trek. It’s worth it. This is the kind of spot that makes Sydney special and few places can match its view.

And again…

It’s a hotel for romantic weekends and weddings, but staff were happy to accommodate. It’s a $50 a head breakfast, but get there early, a table with a view, settle in for three courses and take it easy.

We share a couple of decent croissants, with good butter and good preserves.

I was tempted by the tropical fruit salad, but there’s what we think we should eat and what we want. Vanessa obliged…

and I went for the serrano ham on tomato baguette.

The main courses: english breakfast

smoked trout with herb omlette (for me)

and that view again…

For breakfast Jonah’s is well worth the effort. It has a location that can’t be beat and the food matches it. High quality ingredients, cooked with care. One shouldn’t get excited over an omlette, but it was pretty fine. No single element in our breakfast disappointed. But the most pleasant aspect was the ability to read the papers on the terrace after breakfast. It reminded us of quiet and peaceful times, not that we have anything to complain about.

So, if you get the opportunity, go. It costs, but not sure it can be beaten for the overall package. We even enquired if they had vacancies for that evening…. next time.


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