Il Perugino, Mosman

171 Avenue Road, Mosman, NSW

It’s been a while since the last post. We are now a family. A lovely baby girl. It will mean our dining out will be a little more sporadic, but I’ll be working hard in the coming years to cultivate a budding gourmand.

Our first meal out post baby was an early dinner in neighbouring Mosman. I can now understand why people eat out at 6pm, since we had a couple of hours to ourselves. We headed to this well regarded Italian. By all accounts it’s a bit of an institution run by a few generations of the same family.

On the surface there’s a certain arrogance here that could only be found in Mosman. No website, no menu on the window and once you do sit down, no indication of prices anywhere.

But it is a disarming place. Service is meaningful & attentive. They’re mostly catering for local and repeat visitors and it shows as the postcard menus are explained while the waiter is seated. The family feel is obvious.

Brownie points are quickly earned with decent bread.

A sourdough fresh from the oven with decent grassy olive oil. The first of two BYO wines are cracked open (no corkage).

It’s a good interesting menu with lots of Italian classics.

Vanessa opts to start for seared scallops with cacciatore

What it lacks in size, it makes up for in flavour. Lovely fresh scallops with the Italian sausage being the star of the show with a smack of porkiness. A decent salsa verde brings it all together.

My primi piatti is seafood lasagne:

It’s awesome. Packed full of seafood in several thin layers of pasta – prawns, white fish, maybe a scallop. But the element I can most recall is weirdly the bechamel. It’s wonderfully silky and a perfect seafood base. Easily one the best entrees I can remember. At this stage I have no idea what it costs, but it’s worth it.

The secondi are big bruising plates. Vanessa opted for roast snapper with fresh seasonal vegetables and garlic butter

It was well cooked, sweet and succulent. The vegetables were a bit of an after-thought, but no complaints.

I had the typical bloke order – a plate of meat – veal cutlet with rosemary, garlic and funghi sugo.

It was bad-ass and something to satisfy. I loved the token decoration. There were accompanying greens, but it was all about the veal. It was a decent cut, if not something that really wowed. In hindsight hardly the boldest order or something to get a feel of cooking ability.

And finally on to desserts, that we made short work of:

A chocolate mousse cake:

A tiramisu (of course)

As you can see they were terrible…. It was a good end to the meal.

So a decent neighbourhood place and worthy of its reputation. For the record I think the food was about $75 a head. Not the cheapest, but the entrees showed real quality and mains satisfied the appetite. As a family man, I can see it’s going to be important to have some dependable local places. Looks like Il Perugino will fit the bill.


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