Neutral Bay Bar & Dining

132 Military Road, Neutral Bay

Sydney is deluged with Asian restaurants – thai, japanese, chinese etc. So it’s always heartening to see new places which follow a different path. This is especially true along Military Road which seems to have dozens of Thai restaurants in the space of a half a mile . It reminds me of shoe shops in developing countries, being the first sign of a prospering society. Maybe Thai Restaurants¬† is the Australian equivalent.

Bucking the trend then, Neutral Bay Bar & Dining from the people behind Glebe Point Diner is one of those classic diners which every neighbourhood should have – it’s relaxed, serving good simple food and takes the edge of the travails of the working week. It’s a perfect Friday night place if you’re of the age where you want a well made drink and a decent bite to eat without having to deal with pumping music or Gen Ys.

So that’s where we find ourselves. It’s a nice bar area, with one of those bartenders who cannot only mix a good martini, but impart important life advice.

It’s a good cold & dry Hendricks martini, with the obligatory cucumber to give it a clean taste. It goes down well. I’m tempted to order another, but dinner is on the cards.

The menu is simple with a focus on grills, but we decide to order the special of slow roasted duck for 2 served with quince.

It’s accompanied with a decent claret and a pommes puree. I get hungry again just looking at that picture. Everything you need to make a good evening. The duck is suitably yielding with good flavour. I normally prefer my duck medium-rare, but it holds up well to the slow cooking. The tart quince cuts through any residual fat. The only minor disappointment is the lack of copious saucing, especially with the butter rich potato. It is a dish to linger over, take our time and eek out the red wine. It’s extremely satisfying.

So, just a casual Friday evening meal, in a relaxed and sophisticated place. Good food with good service. It’s hard to ask for more in a place like this. NBB&D will serve as a good respite from the numerous Thai places and the hustle & bustle of Military Road .


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