Deebs Kitchen, Mudgee, NSW

Cnr Cassilis Road & Buckaroo Lane, Mudgee

Getting out of Sydney we spent a couple of nights in Mudgee and through a recommendation on Chowhound came across Deebs Kitchen a few miles outside of the town. It seemed the perfect place to accompany a rustic weekend which had included a farming festival, as you do. We were lucky to get a table.

It’s a real home restaurant – about 8 tables set in front of a large open kitchen. Dinner is served at 7.30 and all tables are required to be seating for then. You have to love the homely feel and its as close to a family meal you can get. The husband & wife time clearly run a well oiled machine. Personality oozes through. We are made to feel very welcome.

We sit down and peruse the Lebanese inspired menu:

We’ve arrived a little early and get a couple of snacks:

What’s not to love about this? Chipolatas with Aussie flags. It can’t help but raise a smile. Cream cheese on crisp toast are perfectly fine. Although not exactly wow, you just know you’re going to have a fun meal!

Instead of the normal bread we get a couple of bread crisp pittas discs, which are tasty.

The first course is a globe artichoke heart stuffed with chicken & almonds on rice with a light lemon sauce. It’s classic 70s food, but none the worse for it. The chicken is cooked to an unctuous stickiness and although not exactly pretty is good eating.

The fun continues with lamb backstrap, grilled with chilli and ginger. Again no-nonsense food and is packed full of flavour. Lamb is nicely rare and no mucking around with portion size. I could eat this every week. Getting stuck into a second bottle of wine (it’s that sort of place) everything seems right with the world.

We order a couple of puddings – Lemon sponge with cream. It’s actually a little bit dry, but the flavours are good.

Instead we fight over a delicious caramel walnut tart. It’s sweet and moreish and brings to close a good meal.

Clearly this restaurant is about more than the food, it’s about a homely cooking with a bit of love. You can’t help but enjoy it. The food is simple & tasty and the service is charming and sweet. The world needs more restaurants like this and we look forward to returning whenever that might be.


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