Toriciya, Cammeray

18 Cammeray Road, Cammeray

From one neighbourhood restaurant to another and this one felt like stepping into another country. A brilliantly quirky place which can only lead to a memorable evening. The fact that it’s located off the beaten track in residential Cammeray, just makes it even more incongruous.

There are only about 5 tables and we’re lucky to bag one. It’s clearly a family operation with a husband & wife team. The husband oversees the grill & the wife the front of house. We are handed a menu & hand written page of specials which just look like fun and pick a selection…

We (I…) start with a tiny dish of crab brains. It’s not often you see this on a menu, so you have to take advantage of the opportunity to order it – cold, creamy, rich with a slight offal note. It’s pretty nice. Not sure I’d order it everyday (Vanessa will be relieved)…..

We order the special of tuna sashimi. It’s as expected, fresh and meaty. It doesn’t disappoint.

Another special is a fried tofu which gets served with a dashi. It’s clearly good tofu, but is a little bland. Clearly we need to have paired it with something else….

We get a few yakitori (a speciality) – chicken thighs, pork loin and a single giblet skewer for me. They’re great – good marinade and a nice dipping sauce.

At the moment I can’t really go past an eggplant dish without ordering it and so I was able to get my fix grilled with bonito flakes & ginger. It was sweat and smokey and was a hit.

We close out a meal with a kind of beef croquette which seemed really popular in the restaurant. Can’t say I remember too much about this, but it tasted pretty fine.

So a broad disparate selection of dishes and it was a fun and engaging meal. It’s clearly a bit of an institution and we’ve loved the cultural differences and evident enthusiasm of our hosts as they poured our drinks and told us how to eat. We will be back.


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