Bond Street Cafe & Wine Bar, Melbourne

4A Bond Street, South Yarra

A few hours of shopping (or being dragged round the shops) required a pleasant lunch to distract from the chaos of Chapel Street. Having ducked into a nearby Borders for inspiration we discovered this petite wine bar just round the corner.

Lots of black, a laidback feel and a tapas style Italian menu made it an easy choice for a light Saturday lunch. This is definitely the sort of place for ‘ladies who lunch’. None the worse for it.

We selected a number of small dishes to share and after some good bread and olive oil, things kicked off with a kingfish sashimi & cucumber:

A lovely light summery dish, which was made by the cucumber – a perfect harmony of flavours. I would have happily eaten this all day and it went particularly well with a cheeky bottle of chardonnay.

Reluctantly we said goodbye to the finished sashimi and dived into a twice cooked cheese souffle which health-wise was a million miles from our first dish:

Full of cheesey goodness it was a little on the dense side, but the well dressed salad cut-through some of the richness. Clearly not a dish to eat all day; more like once a month… but it’s one of those dishes that hard to move past when you’re a glutton.

Tuna & smoked tongue followed:

Again a dish of good combinations. The dish was luke warm and as such a plate to linger over. I’m a big fan of seared/raw tuna. It’s important to taste the ‘freshness’ as it were and it contrasted well against the meatiness of the tongue – a well under-rated ingredient.

Our final dish (as well as a salad, not pictured) were croquettes of tomato & aubergine:

I’m mad for aubergine at the moment – the silkiness & depth of flavour when smoked. These were sizeable beasts when arrived and I expected a more harmonious and softer set of flavours. Yet these lacked subtlety and tasted as though they hadn’t been cooked through. Just a little aggressive and would have suited a bold glass of red to settle them down.

However 3 out of 4 plates were good. It was a pleasant weekend lunch and although I don’t think it would be a destination venue, if I was in the area, it would be a cool place to drop into.


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