The Beresford… again…Sunday Lunch

354 Bourke Street, Darlinghurst.

There are few things more pleasurable than a decent Sunday Lunch. Being British, I’m a tad biased. It’s the ability to laze over a long lunch with friends and slowly eat & drink yourself into a stupor… The fact that this can now happen in the Sydney sunshine is a bit of a bonus.

The Beresford is a pretty fine drinking establishment with a good restaurant attached and they do a Sunday feast which is just on the right side of affordability without having to think about it. It’s a fixed menu that changes weekly. It handily does away with the ordeal of ordering which for addled minds from the night before is no bad thing.

There are four of us and we start with Antipasto:

It’s a good selection with some decent proscuitto, marinated mushrooms, manchego (I think) and deep fried courgette flowers. The only thing that lets the side down is cream cheese stuffed pepper which you find in most delis and are just too acidic to be pleasant in my humble opinion. However,  an additional plate of carpaccio with walnuts and gorganzola helps end this part of the meal on  a high:

The pasta course follows and it’s a rather unusual dish of smoked salmon and spaghetti:

It’s not a combination I’ve given much though to and expect a coagulated mess, but it’s a winner of a dish. With plenty of cooking liquor it’s light, pleasantly salty with a good chilli hit. They serve the pasta in a big bowl to the whole table. It’s at this point you realise you’ve still got the main course to come….Discipline becomes the order of the day. We purposefully don’t finish the pasta and get a doggy bag to take away. We feel cheap, but it was too nice to throw away or send it back to the kitchen.

The main course is Spatchcock chicken with gratin dauphinoise:

It’s an OK bird, well cooked & coupled with a decent jus & potatoes. There are veggies (not pictured). By this stage we’re thinking about how we’re going to finish this meal, as opposed to the quality of the food in front of us. Chicken like this is hard to critique, but we’re satisfied at the end.

Although stuffed we do manage to share one tiramisu amongst four of us, just to round off the meal:

It’s creamy, boozy and has a good cocoa hit. Many tiramisus are bland messes, but this is fine. We polish it off, having moved outside and wait with trepidation for the drag-queen show to begin….. 4pm on a sunday afternoon…

It does look as though this venue is sort of geared towards an afternoon drinking session, with the feast an excuse to get people into the bar for the rest of the day, but it’s no bad thing. The service as a result is a little chaotic & uncertain, but it’s done with charm so it’s hard to complain.

Overall it’s a very good value meal. You just need a group of friends and a willingness to put 2 fingers up in the direction of monday morning. Most sundays should be like this. We’ll be back.


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