Fish Face

132 Darlinghurst Rd, Darlinghurst

Bizarrely it seems there’s a complete absence of fishmongers in Sydney. If you want fresh fish one has to venture to a fish & chip shop, where coming from the UK, the quality of produce in these kind of premises are mostly suspect.

Anyway, in restaurants the quality of fish is great. And Fish Face has a good reputation. so finally we made our way there.

It’s a tiny place with a nice relaxed atmosphere. You can’t reserve after a certain time, so you get to have a cheeky beer in the bar next door. Your number is called and you pick up your wine and bring it over.

It’s a good broad menu with lots of interesting fish and preparations. My meal started with what was possibly one of the best appetizers I’ve eaten – a Japanese ‘Sashimi’ dish:

OK, there wasn’t a lot of cooking going on, but the fish (prawns, eel, salmon, tuna & kingfish) was beautifully fresh, well prepared and served in a luscious light vinegar dressing.  One of those dishes I wish I could eat every day.

It didn’t even make me feel too jealous that my dining partners had gone for the special of lobster curried soup:

It was subtle and well spiced. I would not have been disappointed.

My main course however was a travesty of ordering:

Deciding to order an omlette for dinner was perhaps an odd choice, one that I regretted almost instantly. It was thai prawn omlette with pak choi & oyster sauce. It was extremely well cooked. The omlette itself was fluffy and moist. It would have been a great lunch dish.

I could only look on with envy as my dining partners had bass grouper with sweet potato and ceps:

A good tranche of fish served medium rare, so that the residual heat continued to cook the fish all the way through. Clearly the kitchen know its onions, so to speak. The sweet potato kind of paled in comparison, but the mushroom was a woody treat. I was unable to pillage the plate for any morsels.

This is clearly a good restaurant with very competent cooking, It’s not cheap with most main courses over $40, but you can’t begrudge paying for food of such clear quality. We will endeavour to return and this time I’ll order a bit better.


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