Crocodile Senior Thai, Sydney

768 George Street, Haymarket

This is one of those places which gets talked about in the same breath of Spice I Am and others – authentic, good value Thai food.

I’ve been here once before with fellow food bloggers and but decided to come again with a friend who’s thinking of moving to Sydney, to give him a taste of what the food is like here. Yeah, the first place I take him to is a Thai restaurant.

Just a quick meal followed, to get a taster for what might be in store culinary wise in the city.

The first dish we order is Som Tum:

It seems to be a staple in Sydney, but difficult to find in the UK. It’s an alright example delivering the normal chilli, sour and salty hit, but it’s a little underwhelming, with the flavours a little soft & watery. But my friend got the picture. I sense he could easily be converted.

A competent pad thai follows with pork. It’s a fine dish. Good contrast of flavours. no problems

The standout dish was a Larb, which you don’t come across in many Thai places. A kind of minced chicken with citrus, herbs and plenty of kick. It was most enjoyable, but needed the salad to help with the heat.

This may not be the finest Thai in Sydney, but the food is real, pretty tasty and pretty good value. In the culinary wasteland around Central Station, you could do far worse.


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