Likhit Kai Yaang, Bangkok

74/1 Thanon Ratchadamnoen Klang

This was a memorable meal. An absolute pain to get to, in an interesting part of town and as simple a dinner you can ask for, but it all translates to the important ‘memory value’ when you look back.

We were staying in a great hotel (The Metropolitan) who like many others cater for a discerning clientele who want the best of everything. We asked a few of the staff to provide directions to the Likhit Kai Yaang. They all knew it, seemingly from childhood, but couldn’t understand why with all the dining options in Bangkok we wanted to go there. Puzzlingly they all agreed it had the best grilled chicken. Yet, they were keen to direct us to closer, flasher restaurants.

Also working against us were taxi drivers who didn’t want to take us anyway. First of all they said they didn’t know where it was and when pushed, didn’t want to go for traffic reasons. It took three taxis. We perservered and ended up here:

It was boxing night at the stadium next door and we arrived to a buoyant place. Service was good – the staff laughing at the foreigners who demanded grilled chicken.

Clearly with all this build-up we couldn’t just order the chicken. So we opted for the Som Tum. It was as good an example I’ve had. a perfect combination of sweetness, heat, sourness and crunch with the fresh vegetables. So good we eventually had a second plate.

The chicken arrived. It did not disappointed. Grilled on a charcoal fire with a peppery sauce it was succulent and crispy. The owner made a note of coming round and checking we approved. All good fun.

Going off-piste I ordered grilled pork liver. I’m partial to a bit of offal, but this was pretty rich/full flavoured dish. I could only eat half of it. Yet it did nothing to take the shine of an extremely enjoyable meal.

The bill was small, but the laughs were many. We departed to explore a few more bars of Bangkok. Great city.


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