Long Beach, Batu Ferringhi

Certainly one of the best things about staying in Penang were the night food markets – a collection of stalls under a covered area that allow you to browse, pick & choose individual dishes as you please – a wonderfully convenient & enjoyable way to eat.  I guess it’s a bit like food courts in shopping centres, but cheaper, more fun and far tastier.

Also it’s one thing to have a restaurant specialise in a particular cuisine, it’s another to specialise in a single dish. You’ve got to be good. It certainly would appeal to the budding economist .

We ventured to Long Beach a couple of times (a bit more touristy than others, but still good) and discovered a man who just made spring rolls. They were great – large, crispy, bereft of oil and full of a good mix of veg & pork. He clearly was doing well, since he wasn’t in the habit of turning up every night, much to the disappointment of others who’d come to find out how good these spring rolls were.

It was also good to see a wide variety of food from grilled seafood, muslim food and satay stands. In a large group, we tried most of them – in particular a butter chicken & gorgeously blackened naan bread. I couldn’t resist trying the oyster omelette, though my fellow diners were less enthusiastic

The oysters were clearly fresh, but I’m not sure it’s a dish I’m going to develop much of a passion for. It was just a bit slimy and the egg didn’t really do much to bring it together.

Another dish with a reputation were prawn noodles:

A simple dish with a good spiky chilli hit. No need to peel the tails off – it all adds texture! The broth was sweet & hot and went down well.

So not really much more to add – a few photos of some good market food – simple dishes done really well. If you’re in Malaysia, these sort of places will probably be where you eat the best.


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