Sticky Bar

182 Campbell St

6.3opm on a friday is the perfect time for a Martini. It’s the end of the working week and everyone needs a reward and a way to kickstart the weekend. The Martini was invented for this moment (or should have been). My search for a good bar led me to Sticky, tucked away in an alley in Surry Hills. It’s intentionally a tough place to find – rewarding the discerning drinker with a New York vibe in an old-school club setting. You even have to text a number on the door so someone can let you in. It sounds annoyingly trendy, but there’s no attitude here.

Sydney Oct 028

Luckily the cocktails  do not disappoint. The charming & raffish staff know their onions and were happy to recommend interesting gins. Bombay Sapphire just doesn’t do it for me anymore. You’ve also got to love how it’s served – keeping the elixir cool. My wife, a cosmopolitan fiend really enjoyed her drinks as well.

We were early enough to grab a couple of very comfy armchairs and could have sat there all night. But after two martinis, I saw a third one looming… A third martini has always led to me doing something I regret, so we had to relinquish our seats and leave before the evening got out of hand.

This is a terrific bar. I will be back.


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