24 Young Street, Neutral Bay

Sydney doesn’t have enough wine bars. It doesn’t have enough interesting drinking places full stop, especially in the North Shore. Even though I’ve only been here a few months I’ve found myself in the cavernous Oaks a few times, which is dangerous. .. So the Firefly is clearly filling a gaping void, but frustratingly it doesn’t quite hit the mark.

It’s one of those places where bills spiral out of control and the tapas inspired menu clearly tries too hard. And as for the pizzas…. they’re just a bit wrong…there’s no lightness or crispness of base and the saucing is heavy-handed. Yet….. the zucchini fries with sumac pretty much save the day.

Sydney Oct 009

The sweetness, soft innards and firm crunch are great. Plus it’s easier to convince yourself they’re healthy. What’s not to love, apart from the fact they disappear too quickly.

If every bar serves these, you couldn’t stop them from opening. So watch what you order here, but as long as you get the zucchini fries everything will be OK.


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