Berry Woodfired Sourdough Bakery

23 Prince Alfred Street, Berry, NSW

After two months of exploring Sydney, it’s about time to get out and see more of Australia. Buying a book on weekend breaks around Sydney it’s a little surprising to see suggested retreats up to 700 kilometres away. Wow… I guess it’ll be a case of baby steps.

Jervis Bay, famed for its beaches and was a manageable distance of only 3 hours drive away.

We cunningly left late morning which meant we had to stop somewhere for lunch on the way. Delving into the new SMH Good Food Guide we latched on to the Berry Wood-fired Sourdough Bakery. (bit of a name)

 Sydney Sept 019

This was a delightful place – a proper bakery down a side-street with an outside deck, with a nice washed out, laidback feel. It’s the sort of place every town needs – a place to get some decent bread and a good value plate of food. It’s clear they’re not out to fleece people with only ‘main dishes’ for sale and nothing over $25. I guess when every customer is leaving with a loaf of bread, you don’t have to worry too much.

I opted for the pasta with lamb-shoulder ragu while my wife had market fish with parsnip puree & beetroot.

 Sydney Sept 021

The ragu was unctuous, meaty and satisfying in a way that only ‘bolognaise’ can be. It didn’t overwhelm the pasta, just providing a good coat with soft chunks of meat.

 Sydney Sept 020

The fish was almost upstaged by the vegetables. It sat nicely on the puree with the surrounding beetroot & other delights fresh & wholesome. There’s clearly a good vegetable patch in the near vicinity.


 Sydney Sept 022

With the main courses a success it seemed rude not to sample the Tiramisu. This was a joy to behold in the early afternoon sun. It was soft and yielding, with a subtle hint of booze. The extra cream did not distract too much.

We were on our way to our cottage so it seemed rude not to also buy some bread (it was very good), including some excellent brie and dips. All we then needed was wine and we were sorted.

The owner was charm personified, also throwing in a bag of biscuits. Knowing that we were unlikely to find as good a ‘bistro’ between Jervis Bay & Sydney, we came back here on Sunday.

It was a blisteringly-hot day on our return. It must have affected my brain since I went for the terrine. It’s really only a step up from quiche, but it was a manly & chunky version with chicken & roast garlic. It also came with some more of that sourdough so it was always going to be a winner.

Sydney Sept 070


Sydney Sept 069

My wife had a pretty interesting pasta dish – a sort of crespolini/canneloni dish filled with pumpkin, accompanied with tomatoes, olives and artichokes. It was tasty, though I had to fight to get a bite.

So as you can see, from my point of view it’s a very pleasant spot for a bite to eat. You could do worse.


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