This will hopefully be the first of many ‘home cooking’ posts. My wife finds it hilarious that I also take photos of what I cook. Well you can’t be a foodie and only blog about the food you pay for…

I’m an uncomplicated cook, generally focusing on roasts, pies, braises etc. But I’ve recently become a convert to pizzas. This is due to a wedding present of a pizza maker we received from friends. Since it lived in Sydney we’ve only recently been able to give it a go.

A lot has been written by the likes of Jeffrey Steingarten ( & Heston Blumenthal ( on pizza making with the principal problem of getting an oven hot enough to provide a crisp enough base. Most ovens’ maximum temperature is 250c while proper wood-fired pizza ovens are 400c minimum. Our pizza-maker manages about 350c, which at least gets you in the right ballpark.

But of course there’s more to it than the oven. You’d think a combination of flour, yeast and water would be pretty simple. But pizza-making is an art and having been to New York it’s easy to see the culinary heights that can be scaled through good ingredients. After much research we settled with a recipe found at ( A cool blog. Check it out.

After 24 hours of dough proofing, we were ready and as a skeptic I was surprised by the results – proper super crisp pizzas with a proper crunch. Wow.

 Sydney week5 001

Sydney week5 002

The ‘quattro formaggi’ (not exactly picturesque):

Sydney week5 003

Yes, the pizza forming itself will take a bit of practice…..  I’ll need to work at that. But please forgive me for the follow abomination….’The Ham & Pineapple’:

Sydney week5 004

So all in all a bit of result. With a bit of advance planning I won’t be ordering delivery pizza again. Just spend some of the money you save on some decent mozzarella.

(FYI – I’m not really comfortable with plugging products, but it was a Breville pizza maker)


2 Responses to “Pizza!”

  1. Reemski Says:

    I’ve been on a pizza frenzy myself…nothing beats it.

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