Forbes & Burton

252 Forbes Street

Old habits die hard. We were meeting fellow Brits for Sunday lunch and only a roast would fit the bill. We were keen to try The Beresford, but it’s an epic lunch for a group and at a time when I’m trying the mind the pennies, it will just have to wait

The Time Out guide suggested Forbes & Burton as a Sunday option that does a good value roast. I booked a table for four and off we went. Venturing out of the North Shore is an undertaking itself, so it would have been a crime if the meal disappointed.

 Sydney Sept 004

The roast rotates on a weekly basis and I was vaguely disappointed to find out it was the week of pork belly. I’ve got nothing against belly of pork, but it’s not really in the same league as a leg of lamb or rib of beef. I’ve had servings where the fat dulls the overall flavour, but this was a pretty fine dish. It was sizeable as well, which does count where a Sunday roast is concerned.

The accompaniments were a fine match. Cabbage is a vastly under-rated vegetable. People talk about the sogginess & pungent aroma and further tarnish its reputation with links to flatulence. If there’s a vegetable which is in need of good PR it’s cabbage.

The potato galette was soft and went well with the crackling. I didn’t care much for the tomato chutney, but my fellow friends enjoyed it.

All this and a glass of drinkable wine was $27. A fine deal.

 Sydney Sept 005

Sydney Sept 006

We shared an alright strawberry shortcake and a brownie. Neither were much to write home about, but the roast more than did the job.

It’s quite a funny lively venue, which fits with the interesting Darlinghurst crowd. Our waiter was wearing a skirt and cowboys boots…  The service was a bit all over the place with orders going missed etc. as the staff themselves were probably managing hangovers. But all in all it was a good place and I’d certainly recommend it for a leisurely Sunday lunch.


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