Glebe Point Diner

407 Glebe Point Road

A leisurely Sunday lunch is one of the joys of life, especially on a warm sunny day. We’ve been exploring the regions of Sydney and a walk around the harbour wetted our appetites for a lunch at the Glebe Point Diner which recently won the people’s choice Time Out award (

The staff are young & fun which fits with the diverse clientele. And although the service was a little slack, there was a charm which nullifies the inconsistencies.  

The menu itself is limited to about 5 choices per course, which is no bad thing and it’s proper bistro food which is ideal for brains still fuddled from Saturday night excesses. It also means there wasn’t an awful lot of innovation on the menu, with starters ranging from terrine, soup, squid to fennel salad. No bad thing though.

My wife started with the potato soup with moreton bay bugs, while I had the squid with aioli.

 Sydney week3 047

Sydney week3 048

The soup was a valiant effort to do a potato soup without bags of cream. But it was a bit thin and under-seasoned. The bug itself was only a morsel, and didn’t really give the dish a bit of ‘wow’ it should have had. My squid on the other hand was excellent. It was a fair portion with well cooked seasoned squid accompanied by a surly and pungent aioli. It was difficult to keep to myself.

 Sydney week3 049

The main courses were good. I convinced my wife to try the jewfish steamed in greens. It was lovely and succulent. The peas enhanced the sweetness of the sizeable tranche and after some tentative prodding it was pronounced excellent. On a hot sunny day, this is a pretty ideal dish.

 Sydney week3 050

I opted for the special of roast rib of pork with rhubarb compote and potato puree. It was hard to resist and as a roast goes, it was pretty damn perfect. The meat was local and clearly of good provenance. It was cooked well with the barest hint of pink and the dense crackling gave in with a firm hand.  The sharp compote added good contrast and the only downside of puree was that there wasn’t enough of it, so it had to be carefully eked out.

 Sydney week3 051

Considering we were keen to do more exploring in the afternoon, we opted to share a dessert. This prompted some intense negotiations, with the banana fritters losing out to an extremely gooey and not too tart lemon tart. It didn’t last long with the pastry not proving much of a barrier and the cream a nice rich accompaniment. The cream could easily have been eaten by itself. I believe one or two spoonfuls were sneakily had.

We skipped coffee and reluctantly headed on our way

While our meal wasn’t perfect the overall lunch was relaxing, enjoyable and even though it’s the kind of place where the costs sneakily mount up, you don’t begrudge the bill. Having said that, a place which treats bread as a dish to order and doesn’t automatically provide vegetables with main courses is being a bit cheeky.

It is though a very good neighbourhood restaurant. It doesn’t need a website, being the sort of place which relies on good word of mouth and local clientele. Every suburb needs a place like this and I consider it a prerequisite in choosing where to settle down in Sydney. It might just be the deciding factor.


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