316 Pacific Highway, Crows Nest


My hunt for good reasonably-priced Japanese food led me to Ju-rin in Crows Nest after a few mentions at Chowhound (http://chowhound.chow.com/boards/37), including excellent fish sourcing. This certainly looked a bit of a find, but what followed was one of those irritating restaurant experiences, that you get once in a while, which clouds otherwise an alright meal.

 The start of the meal was good. It’s hard to think of a better sight.

 sydney week 3 004

The extremely reasonable lunch set menu was certainly inviting, with complete bento boxes about $18 dollars. Although we decided to go for the individual dishes from the daily specials board on the wall, we got served a set lunch anyway. We got given a beef teriyaki set with nice firm sushi and lightly battered tempura. We were expecting pork teriyaki and salad, which subsequently arrived. The set was good so we couldn’t really begrudge paying for it, though it was expected of us by staff. To add insult to injury the ordered gyoza never materialized…

 sydney week 3 005

sydney week 3 006

Also I spied some O-toro on the specials board for $12 and ordered it. If it’s on the menu, I never fail to order it. I was served up 4 pieces and charged $48. I don’t mind the cost, but I could have been advised that it was ‘per piece’ especially when other sushi/sashimi items were not being displayed as such. It was good though – soft, meaty, steak like. So was the Uni (however I’m led to believe from Mr. Yoshii that neither are actually in season and that both these seafood are probably farmed 😦

 sydney week 3 008

My wife had to order Shabu-shabu – thin pieces of wagyu beef quickly boiled in broth and served with sesame sauce. It was insipid and in my mind a tragic way to treat meat. If a dish could look ‘unhappy’, this is it. I don’t plan to go out of my way to order it again, anytime soon.

This was a meal that disappointed, but mostly because of the service and charging of the unwary diner, especially when the restaurant was meant to represent excellent value for money. The food mostly was pretty good and it deserves a second chance. I will return for a dinner course menu and leave the ordering to the staff. You know sometimes the diner is their own worst enemy.



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