Kushiyaki Azuma


501 George Street

My wife & I were taken here last friday evening and had one of those meals full of tasty morsels, perfect for sharing and justifying that second bottle of wine (+ weirdy cocktails)

The restaurant itself is in a non-descript shopping/office mall.It makes the entrance a little anti-climatic. The room is quite spartan & canteen-like. Not a great start. But the food made up for it.

I think we were talking too much, so pretty much forgot to take any photos. But this one sums the meal up – garlic clove skewers..of course:

sydney week 3 011

The restaurant specialises in skewers and small tapas style plates. It’s a cheap way of trying the more unusual specialities such as chicken giblet, chicken skin, sea perch etc. All are moreish and it’s easy to get into a quandry about sticking to the ones you like or testing other flavours & textures. It all depends how adventurous your fellow dining companions are.

On to the ‘small dishes’ – the obligatory Black Cod followed by some lovely braises – Wagyu beef simmered in miso (Wagyu Karamiso), Pork Belly (Kakuni) and my favourite of the evening: Ox Tongue in soy & miso (Gyutan Miso). Terrific flavours, succulent soft meat in a sweetish stock with a hefty dollop of hot mustard. It was lovely and satisfying on a cold(ish) evening. A lot of people are sqeamish towards Ox Tongue. This dish will change your mind at only $9 it’s not much a risk.

So, all in all a good meal for sharing. reasonably priced (you can buy by the skewer) and lots of interesting dishes, even though the atmosphere is quite muted and the place was empty by 10pm. Ignore the souless location and give it a go if you want more than just sushi.



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