Thai Nine – not quite

8/3 Vista Street, Mosman

It appears Thai restaurants are to Australia, what curry houses are to the UK. They’re all over the place and everyone has a favourite. So expect many reviews in the future.

Sydney Week1 July09 040

Friends took us to Thai Nine in Mosman last night. A good introduction to the cuisine here; a smart but relaxed place with plenty of couples & families .

We cooked things off with the obligatory spring rolls & the imaginatively named Curry Puffs.

Sydney Week1 July09 034

As with most thai starters, they were a little average and tasted more of pastry than they did of the filling. Yet I still keep on ordering them, because you never know…

After the relative disappointment of the starters we had a couple of good meat salads (!) – beef & duck salad:

thai duck salad

thai duck salad

Unlike springrolls, these are the sort of dishes which are relatively simple if you get the ratios right – just sear some meat and add a few leaves, shallots, chilli with lime, sugar, fish sauce. That’s no bad thing and they were good examples. It’s always a great combination with a nice zing. Tasty.

Thai surf & turf

Thai surf & turf

The highlight of the meal was a thai surf & turf dish which had fried ling fillets with pork crackling, basil, bok choy & chilli. Awesome. It was surprisingly light and really moreish. This was a dish that I did not want to share.

Penang Curry

Penang Curry

We followed up with a chicken penang curry. A good alternative to red & green varieties. The muddy flavour is always interesting and unique to thai food (i think?). Always good for flavouring the rice

So we had a number of classic dishes in a nice environment. As a midweek simple meal it’s hard to fault and it’s clear the general standard of thai food in Australia is pretty high. I don’t think I’ll be able to judge before I have a few more and the likes of Longgrain & Sailors Thai are on the hitlist and apparent must eats.

6.5/10 (though the surf & turf was an 8.)


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