Plan B – bargain burger

204 Clarence Street

More interviews in Sydney today and I couldn’t justify taking myself to Sephia for lunch without my wife being there.  Then I remembered Becasse had a cafe and a reputable wagyu burger for $10, so gave it go.

Plan B is tiny and is essentially a hole-in-the-wall for office workers to grab a sandwich.  Three small tables are crammed outside which must be the scene of many a territorial battle come the summer.

The burger:

Sydney Week1 July09 017

What no chips?! Indeed, the closest you can get to accompaniment here is a soup… and relax……It’s a tall burger, but not particular large in size. You could eat this and not feel too guilty afterwards about not getting a salad. Also being stuck outside on a semi busy street raises the question of whether you should use a knife & fork to save strangers from the messy hand-to-hand combat.

Probably not. Just compress the burger, let the juices flow and start munching.

For a $10 burger it’s pretty good. the standout element is the bun itself. A lovely briochey, airy, sesame crunch. It’s brilliant. Then you get the onions, mayo, beetroot and meat combination. The first few bites are really good. You can taste the char of the burger and it all combines for a lovely savoury taste. Then you think about the meat – the supposedly 600 day grass fed wagyu beef. It’s  OK, but it lacks any real beefiness. Being in the US for a few months I had one or two burgers and this one just lacked the big beef hit.

Sydney Week1 July09 018

In addition, the burger itself didn’t have a hint of pink. Just a greying mass which didn’t quite hold together. I was a little disappointed. I expected better. However the rest of the burger was excellent. I think beetroot is not a bad ingredient. The sweetness & the juices left behind make it look like a crime of passion…

This burger is certainly the sum of its parts and as a whole it made a good quick lunch. I’ve had far worse gourmet burgers, but this can’t be the best burger in Sydney as others have raved about. I guess I’ll just have to try a few more.



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