– Don’t go to the US without it


My wife & I recently spent two months driving from New York to San Francisco. It was a terrific trip with surprising few arguments and many great meals (with posts to follow).

We were able to avoid chain restaurant hell (Applebees, Hardees etc.) by signing up to A site devoted to reviewing the best in local, honest food away from unsocial interstate highways. Plug it into your GPS and you’ll know when your close to the best fried chicken, BBQ, lobster, grits you can find.  

We bumped into the genial and passionate founder in New Orleans while helping to eat the world’s longest Oyster Po-Boy:

Louisiana 122

It made eating in the US a revelation. Though not exactly easy on the waistline, it was worth every moment of guilt.

So if you’re ever US-bound, check it out.


2 Responses to “ – Don’t go to the US without it”

  1. helenb Says:

    I deserve credit.

    Hardees isn’t that bad you know! Nor chik-fil-a, Crackerbarrel…

  2. foodmiles Says:

    Helen – You do indeed deserve the credit. You helped turn a good trip into a great trip

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