Guiding Star – Dining Heaven

We were deep in the Bayou and after a long day of driving through this brilliant state stumbled across this rough ‘n’ ready boiled seafood shack in New Iberia, Louisiana. A real local’s place on the edge of a highway.

Louisiana 038

Tabasco sign – check, newspapers as tablecoths – check, cold, cold beer – check. Awesome seafood – check.

We arrived early, because we were so hungry and luckily enough found out that they’d only taken delivery of a dozen crab. The phone was ringing off the hook with people checking crab was on the menu before they arrived. Servings came in the half dozen, so we had to get our order in quick. We were not to be disappointed:

Louisiana 040

and because we knew we’d only be here once, we had to order crayfish as well:

Louisiana 039

Being British we needed some pointers on how to get really stuck in without a knife & fork….we didn’t need much encouragement with the lovely sweet meat and superb cajun spicing. Destruction ensued and at the end of gloriously stuffing our face we surveyed the chaos:

Louisiana 041

Louisiana 042

It’s a good thing we were able to eat to our fill because the idea of picking up some candy on the way out was not too appealing:

Louisiana 044

We won’t be forgetting this random meal in a hurry.  As they say in LA – “Ca c’est bon”



One Response to “Guiding Star – Dining Heaven”

  1. helenb Says:

    God that looks ridiculously good…

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